the Blue Mosque

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With its gracious cascade of cupolas and half-cupolas in perfect harmony in order to give an impression of rise, but also with the six slim minarets which accentuate its silhouette, unforgettable Blue Mosquée is drawn up vis-a-vis its rival byzantine thousand years, Sainte-Sophie, whom it exceeds from her undeniable elegance.

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Its name of Blue Mosque comes to him from the 20.000 enamelled earthenware squares to dominant blue and green which decorate the dome and the walls, getting a bluish environment at this building. L’interior bathes in a blued light coming directly from the some 260 windows.

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Splendid carpets cover the ground. Four grooved pillars support the cupola, which has almost the same proportions as that of Sainte-Sophie. The first court shelters a fountain with ablutions.

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Built between 1609 and 1616 by the architect Mehmet Aga, the mosque of the Ahmet Sultan was during many years the starting point of the caravans for Mecque to go to celebrate l’anniversaire of the Prophet.


the famous Bleue mosque is one of the religious monuments most famous of the world. It competes with Mecque in term of size and beauty.

texts and photographs : Stephane Mugnier

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